Private Movie Showings

I’m not necessarily in any rush for things to get back to “normal” because I’m always looking for new ways to judge people. So I’m riding pretty high right now. One of the few things in life that I do enjoy however, is watching the occasional motion picture. Even in the best of times, I […]

Super Bowl: Confirmed

Apparently the Green Bay Packers selected a quarterback by the name of Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft. This seems particularly interesting because they employ a man named Aaron Rodgers. I don’t follow the team that closely, but from my understanding Mr. Rodgers isn’t one to hold a grudge or have a chip on […]

Solving Christian Yelich’s Batting Woes

Wisconsin’s favorite baseball player is off to what some might call a slow start. Coming off two straight MVP caliber seasons, Christian Yelich has one hit entering today’s home opener against the Cardinals. That hit was a bomb and the Brewers have only played six games, but these struggles didn’t just start once the regular […]