Mariah’s reign as the Queen of Christmas is over

At my place of employment we have something called “Retail Radio.” It’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s the station pumping an eclectic mix of music throughout the building. The only time it really changes is when they start playing the Christmas music. I enjoy the occasional yuletide tune, so I’m OK when the December […]

Let Me Set the Mood Right

It’s Friday night. The kids are in bed. The weekend is here. You and your significant other want to relax and enjoy some alone time. How do you properly set the mood, though? You gotta start with the basics. Slip into something comfortable. Don’t overcomplicate things. Me? I just go with shorts and t-shirt. Sweats […]

I’m Good, Honey

Sometimes you love a song. Sometimes you love an artist. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive though. Your favorite artist might make a terrible song. You might hear a tune on the radio and couldn’t care less who sings it. So I wanted to get the message out to Google Play Music, YouTube Music (shitty […]