Do You Have a Favorite Kid?

In case you weren’t aware, I have three children. Being the seasoned veteran that I am, I recently had someone pick my brain a bit about having kids. Did you always wants to have kids? How did you decide? Is it expensive? How do you balance everything? OK take it easy there pal. This is […]

Grading the Baby After One Month

I’ve been a father of three for about a month now. There were a lot of unknowns going into number three: What’s life going to be like with a third kid? Do I remember anything about babies? What vehicle are we going to buy? Daycare. When can I start buying hockey equipment? You know, the […]

I’ve Got Beef With the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, sometime in the afternoon, the middle child stopped with a gasp. The missus had a look of shock on her face. I went over to look: he had blood on his lip and a hole in his mouth. “I lost my tooth.” Sure enough, there’s his tooth in is hand. It wasn’t really that […]