Shredder’s Revenge and the Return of the Turtles

I’ve pontificated once or twice about my gaming prowess in the past, but these days my gaming is pretty much limited to 2048 on my phone. I have had very little desire to buy up the latest consoles over the years; I have no need for them and I care very little about my children’s […]

Dreams Do Come True

I don’t play a ton of video games anymore, probably like a couple of times a month. The “newest” system I have is the Xbox 360. But my all-time favorite game to play was NCAA Football. Naturally I had a very reasonable response to the above news. I doubt historically this franchise is driving actual […]

Driving Reform for the Betterment of Society

If there’s one thing I hate (there are many things I hate), it’s shitty drivers. I’m certainly not perfect, but if I’m moving forward, I feel pretty good about my abilities. 90% of the other people on the roadways, however, have a real problem. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of shit I hate: not using your […]

Quest for the Cup – NHL 12 Edition

I’ve never been one to have the latest and greatest video game console. I have three of them sitting on my stand downstairs, but the newest one was released 14 years ago. The unit of choice for the youths has always been the Wii. Mainly because that’s the only one I let them play, but […]