Cooking With Nick – All Gas No Brakes

Large child had a hockey tournament in Rhinelander this weekend, which is where another young man played one of his first youth hockey tournaments once upon a time. Tournaments were always the best part of playing hockey as a kid, so even though this year was radically different due to COVID restrictions, it was pretty […]

Cooking With Nick – White Castle Burgers

I have never been to a White Castle. I lived like two minutes from one for awhile, but I never made the trip. I have eaten about 1,000 frozen White Castle cheeseburgers, however. So when a video came across my recommendations for a homemade version, I knew I was ready for my next cooking adventure. […]

Unique New York

“Hey honey, remember when my MSN Messenger screenname was #1 STUNNA?” “Yes.” “Remember when I always typed in caps lock?” “Yeah. Why did you do that?” “I’ve always been my own man. I’m one of a kind.” So anyway, here are some food and beverage items that I like more than the average bear. In […]

Cooking With Nick – Sheet Pan Shrimp and Crab Boil

Inspired by my wildly successful cookies last week, I’ve been open to trying out some other cooking adventures. I wasn’t going to seek anything out (that would require effort), but I was scrolling through Facebook and found my next challenge. A friend’s dad posted a relatively quick and easy recipe for a shrimp and crab […]