Today in Commercials I Hate

Rocket Mortgage brings us today’s gem folks. OK, I’ll bite. How dumb is this guy? I am incapable of understanding the stupidity this man demonstrated. Even if you actually thought there was money inside your walls, would you just take a god damn hammer to your walls? No, because you have at minimum a semi-functional […]

Today in Commercials I Hate

Hey guys, it’s Nick again, and here’s another dumbass commercial. You know what’s really in right now? Quality. But there are many kinds of qualities. So what quality is most important? I’m glad you asked. Quality in quality. You don’t want just regular quality. It needs to be the quality kind. Quality, if you will. […]

Today in Commercials I Hate

One of the best things about having Hulu Live with No Ads, is all of the ads I get to see. Lately these commercials have been pissing me off, so I’m going to complain about them here. Starting with Subway. I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t housed my fair share of meatball subs […]

Bill Belichick now has a legacy problem

The New England Patriots have been terrorizing NFL teams and their fanbases for 19 years. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick teamed up to win the AFC East 17 times in that timespan, going to the Super Bowl nine times, and coming out as World Champions six times. That’s unparalleled success in the modern era. Arguably […]

Today Let’s Paint

Sometimes commercials are pretty great. Most of the time they are not. Even the Super Bowl commercials are usually overrated. But ads exist for a reason. To inform. Educate. Get you to buy shit. And once in awhile an ad strikes the perfect chord and really speaks to you. Behr rooted around in my brain […]

Throwback Thursday – Grandmama

Do you love basketball? Yeah, me neither. But it spawns some great commercials. This originally was going to be about Larry Johnson and Grandmama, but then I realized how many great commercials are out there. This is starting to get pretty wordy, so videos. Gradmama – A Collection Modern Masterpieces Kobe LeBron Kobe & LeBron […]