Is AlaBaMa bAd FoR CoLlEge fOotBaLl?

After Alabama snuffed out THE Ohio State University for yet another National Championship, the internet and the TV talking heads had a question: Is Alabama being so great bad for college football? Uhh, I’m gonna have to vehemently disagree. Time for a good ol’ Nick (Millis) investigation. Let’s compare the NFL and college football during […]

Measuring a Sport’s Goodness

Last night, younger child and I were watching a little bit of the Michigan State-Duke basketball game. The roundball doesn’t make it on to our television that often, so he wasn’t super familiar with the score bug for a basketball game. “Dad, what are those circles by the team names?” “That shows how many timeouts […]

Throwback Thursday – Shutterbugs

If you’re unfamiliar with Shutterbugs, I’m sorry to hear that. But luckily you have me in your life. Back in my innocent college days when I wasn’t pounding back room temperature Mountain Dews and watching movies on my laptop, I was watching online videos on my laptop and pounding back room temperature Mountain Dews. College […]

Let’s Do the Dew

Back when I was a young whipper snapper in college, I drank a lot of pop. That’s not code. Like actual pop. A disproportionate amount of that was Mountain Dew. I would buy a cube (more commonly referred to as a 24 pack or case nowadays, but it’s a cube) of the green stuff and […]