Foolproof Approach to Declining Birth Rate

As I was perusing Twitter this morning, I stumbled upon on this heartwarming piece. In China, where the birth rate is plummeting, *they are now letting families have three kids instead of two. In America, where the birth rate is also plummeting, I’m supposed to perform some thought exercise. For the sake of this blog […]

Will There Be A Fourth Stimulus Check?

No clue. I don’t even care, who even needs money? But I am a learned and cultured man, and I like to stay on top of current events. And these lame websites with their clickbait headlines get me every time. Piss off. I’m just trying to educate myself on the intricacies of the economy and […]


I recently wrote a post that got a lot of views. It wasn’t any better than anything else I’ve written. It might’ve been worse. But a hell of a lot of people read it. So what was so special about this post? The title of this post, that’s what. At it’s surface, the title of […]

How to Get Rich Quick

? Oh wait. I thought I was still doing a Google search. Ah well, now that I have you here… Back in the day, I had what I guess was a blog. I wrote about music, sports, and whatever random things I felt like. It wasn’t particularly good, but it was fun. I’ve always enjoyed […]