Brewers 2020 Season Recap

The condensed 2020 MLB season came to an end on Sunday. The Brewers ended with another dud, losing 2-5 to the Cardinals, which capped off a 5-5 stretch to finish the season. Which is about perfect because their final record was 29-31, which was good enough for, *checks notes*, fourth in the NL Central. Otherwise […]

Who’s on first?

I played baseball at a pretty high level (one year Junior Legion). I even swung a wood bat once. So despite the fact that hockey rules the roost in these here parts, America’s Pastime will always have a soft spot in my heart. With that in mind and in honor of the Brewers shitpumping the […]


I recently wrote a post that got a lot of views. It wasn’t any better than anything else I’ve written. It might’ve been worse. But a hell of a lot of people read it. So what was so special about this post? The title of this post, that’s what. At it’s surface, the title of […]

The Worst Thing I Watched This Week

Basketball. More specifically, Bucks basketball. But basketball. Now basketball is admittedly not my favorite sport. But like I tell the children, just because something isn’t your favorite, doesn’t mean you don’t like it. I realize the sport is wildly popular (even more than the greatest game ever invented) and the athletes in the NBA are […]

Solving Christian Yelich’s Batting Woes

Wisconsin’s favorite baseball player is off to what some might call a slow start. Coming off two straight MVP caliber seasons, Christian Yelich has one hit entering today’s home opener against the Cardinals. That hit was a bomb and the Brewers have only played six games, but these struggles didn’t just start once the regular […]