The Best Thing I Watched Last Week

After playing a game of “Will-They-Won’t-They” all summer, the Big Ten announced mid-September that they would in fact play a football season this fall. Giggity giggity. They weren’t going to start until late October, however, so we still had a ways to go. It would take a lot of focus and dedication by a lot […]

The Worst Thing I Watched This Week

Basketball. More specifically, Bucks basketball. But basketball. Now basketball is admittedly not my favorite sport. But like I tell the children, just because something isn’t your favorite, doesn’t mean you don’t like it. I realize the sport is wildly popular (even more than the greatest game ever invented) and the athletes in the NBA are […]

The Best Thing I Watched This Week

I watch a lot of stuff. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, whatever the current thing my kids are obsessed with on YouTube, you name it. So I decided I’d try a little weekly feature where I talk about the best thing I watched in a given week. If it just so happens to be an easy […]