Unique New York

“Hey honey, remember when my MSN Messenger screenname was #1 STUNNA?” “Yes.” “Remember when I always typed in caps lock?” “Yeah. Why did you do that?” “I’ve always been my own man. I’m one of a kind.” So anyway, here are some food and beverage items that I like more than the average bear. In […]

The Honeymooners

10 years ago to the year, I went on a honeymoon. My wife also went, which honestly was pretty cool of her. The short version is we went on a cruise, visited some warm (tropical?) locales, and overall had an amazing time. Pretty standard stuff. Here is the longer, more accurate version. My grandma was […]

Aliens Amongst Us

There has been a lot of monolith talk going on lately. I would say probably even more than usual. What are these things? Where did they come from? Where did they go? This led to the natural conclusion that this is the work of aliens. Obviously humans couldn’t do this. Clearly the work of extraterrestrials. […]

Hey Google, Turn on the Christmas Tree

This blog serves very little purpose other than giving me something to write about. But that’s about all the excuse I need right now. So let’s talk about Christmas decorations! I love them. True story. I guess to be more accurate, any decorations that are put up between October 1st and January 1st are just […]