Foolproof Approach to Declining Birth Rate

As I was perusing Twitter this morning, I stumbled upon on this heartwarming piece. In China, where the birth rate is plummeting, *they are now letting families have three kids instead of two. In America, where the birth rate is also plummeting, I’m supposed to perform some thought exercise. For the sake of this blog […]

Today in Commercials I Hate

One of the best things about having Hulu Live with No Ads, is all of the ads I get to see. Lately these commercials have been pissing me off, so I’m going to complain about them here. Starting with Subway. I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t housed my fair share of meatball subs […]

3-on-3 Basketball’s Triumphant Return

You ever heard of the Dream Team? Of course you have, but here’s a little refresher. FIBA decided to allow NBA players to play in the Olympics starting in 1992, so the United States of America put together a little team consisting of the best basketball players on the planet and Christian Laettner: the Dream […]

What’s the Best Song in the Cyrus Family Catalog?

One of the more challenging questions ever posed to humanity. We’ve all thought about it, now it’s time for some answers. Or just one I guess. No features; main artist only. I did extensive research and found a handful of songs that I recognized. Onward and upward! Billy Ray Achy Breaky Heart – banger Miley […]

Local Athlete Has All of the Answers

Hey guys, stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Aaron Rodgers is guest hosting Jeopardy. I can’t imagine you already had this information, nobody is talking about it. Luckily you have me and my sources. And let me tell you, football Twitter was all aflutter over this clip yesterday. Truly hilarious if we’re being […]

Shredder’s Revenge and the Return of the Turtles

I’ve pontificated once or twice about my gaming prowess in the past, but these days my gaming is pretty much limited to 2048 on my phone. I have had very little desire to buy up the latest consoles over the years; I have no need for them and I care very little about my children’s […]

I’m a father with three kids

LeBron James said that one time. Actually it was twice. He also said he prefers that people don’t use disrespectful words towards him due to that fact. We have these things in common. Here’s a comprehensive list of things LeBron James and I have in common: three kids two sons and one daughter shouldn’t be […]