The Hard Seltzer Revolution

I saw a commercial for what appears to be a new seltzer product from Budweiser called “Bud Light Platinum Seltzer.” Not to be confused with “Bud Light Seltzer.” It made me think of this very funny tweet I randomly found on the internet. Real gold there. Seriously though. I rarely even watch TV, and I […]

Upon Further Review

Light week on the ol’ blogosphere. I have a real life people. Alright that’s not true, but I do have a job. And I’m lazy. Oftentimes uninspired. But here you go, the last week’s blogroll.

Private Movie Showings

I’m not necessarily in any rush for things to get back to “normal” because I’m always looking for new ways to judge people. So I’m riding pretty high right now. One of the few things in life that I do enjoy however, is watching the occasional motion picture. Even in the best of times, I […]

Tender Lumplings Everywhere

EUREKA!!!! It’s Nightmare Before Christmas season, the best time of year. It’s the time of year where you can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas any and everyday if you so choose and your wife can’t look at you like you’re a total moron. Cherish these moments people. If you couldn’t already tell, I love The […]

Upon Further Review

I’m working on something outside of this here website that will require me to pull back the curtain on my previous week’s blogs. I figured since I was doing the work anyway, I’d just share them all in one place for funsies. If people happen to click through and read them, then that’s a happy […]

I Love The Boys

No I’m not talking about large child and younger child. We’re more of acquaintances. I’m talking about the Amazon television progrum The Boys. Murder. Intrigue. Superheroes. Intrigue. It has it all. I am a fan of the Superhero genre. I own several Marvel movies. The Boys would be a natural fit into my viewing schedule, […]

506 Sports

The internet is a big place. You can find virtually anything out there. There’s some nefarious stuff if you stumble upon the darker corners of the web, however the vast majority of it is very wholesome. But at the top of the heap, unquestionably, is 506 Sports. Do you love football? Of course you do. […]