What My Kids Argued About Today (Yesterday)

I run a tight ship around here. When I say “jump,” my kids say “in a minute.” So when I say it’s time for school, rest assured we’ll get there eventually. Here’s what that looked like yesterday (this could be literally any day). The setting: the boys are playing knee hockey in the basement, the […]

Twitter isn’t real life – NFL Edition

As far as I’m concerned, twitter is good for two things: sports and funny people. Here’s a great example of both of those things coming together. The bad part about twitter is that in the worst of times it’s a cesspool, and in the best of times it’s still pretty full of shit. This isn’t […]

What would you consider a high class luncheon?

Personally, I get a certain image in my head. If it wasn’t for the magic of film and television, I couldn’t describe it because there’s nothing high class about the way I eat. I picture lavish meals, expensive suits, and power brokers making the world go ’round. Something like Succession. Or maybe a little Steak […]

Mets GM (former) Texts Like a Wacko

Late last night a story broke about New York Mets GM Jared Porter sending “explicit, unsolicited texts and images to a female reporter in 2016.” He has since been fired, hence the title. Everyone knows the kind of pics he was sending need to be solicited, not unsolicited. But I’m not here to talk about […]

The Anaheim Ducks Won a Hockey Game

Widely expected to be one of the worst teams in the NHL this season, the Ducks get their first win of the season in game three. Anaheim started their season with a 5-2 loss to the Golden Knights, a 2-1 loss in overtime to Vegas, and now a 1-0 win against the vaunted Minnesota Wild. […]

Is AlaBaMa bAd FoR CoLlEge fOotBaLl?

After Alabama snuffed out THE Ohio State University for yet another National Championship, the internet and the TV talking heads had a question: Is Alabama being so great bad for college football? Uhh, I’m gonna have to vehemently disagree. Time for a good ol’ Nick (Millis) investigation. Let’s compare the NFL and college football during […]

Is it good when your team scores 14 more points than the other team?

What if it’s in a playoff game? Does that make it better? Let my friend twitter tell you a story about Davante Adams. I really enjoyed what they were trying to tell us thematically here. Beautiful composition and truly engrossing; I felt like I was there. Here’s another starring the MVP of the league, Aaron […]

The NBA has the best athletes that ever roamed Planet Earth

Need further proof? Take a look at this guy. That guy right there, James Edward Harden, Jr., just forced a trade out of Houston because he no longer liked the team that they molded around him. The Nets and Rockets announced the trade Thursday morning. Brooklyn dealt Houston a package that includes guard Caris LeVert and three […]

All Hail our Internet Overlords

It’s Friday, early afternoon. The sky overcast, the air crisp. But I didn’t truly feel a chill until I received the text from my wife. A truly terrifying reality. Fortunately I went to school for Network Administration and was able to pass along my knowledge in a clear, concise manner. Internet runs my life. Pretty […]


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