Signs you might be an obnoxious hockey parent.

A comprehensive list: You care entirely too much about the outcome of a game between 7-9 year olds (or 10 or 11 or 12 or…) and yell at the kids. On either team. Not cheer, yell. You yell at the refs. That’s pretty much it. I personally could do without the cowbells and cheering for […]

Cooking With Nick – All Gas No Brakes

Large child had a hockey tournament in Rhinelander this weekend, which is where another young man played one of his first youth hockey tournaments once upon a time. Tournaments were always the best part of playing hockey as a kid, so even though this year was radically different due to COVID restrictions, it was pretty […]

Let’s recap the only 4 Super Bowls that ever mattered

A fact that really bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses is that in the early 90’s, the Buffalo Bills made four straight Super Bowls. And lost them all. That’s almost as unlikely as being alive at the same time as Akon. I digress. That game sucked last night, so I wanted to look at […]

Pepsi Halftime Show

We officially live in some pretty wild times. It’s not that difficult to look around and see some legitimately crazy shit going on around us at any given moment. It can be downright depressing at times. But let’s take a beat and try to gain some perspective. We’re spinning on this rock called Earth at […]

Aaron Rodgers is your NFL MVP

Oh wow, no shit. Stats on stats on stats. “But I don’t know what that all means, Nick.” It means you’re the MVP. That’s not news. Uhh, engaged? FiancĂ©? Now that’s news. Much like most news, I don’t really care about it, but it’s news. Aaron Rodgers avoiding trade talk and dropping this bomb from […]

Dreams Do Come True

I don’t play a ton of video games anymore, probably like a couple of times a month. The “newest” system I have is the Xbox 360. But my all-time favorite game to play was NCAA Football. Naturally I had a very reasonable response to the above news. I doubt historically this franchise is driving actual […]

Sean Taylor was an absolute freak show in the best way possible.

I saw this tweet… …and I was inspired. Sean Taylor was a Top 2 Hurricane for me: him and Devin Hester. A true freak of nature in Miami who continued to dominate in the NFL before his life was cut short. Let’s celebrate the man the myth the legend. A smattering of highlights: NFL The […]

Driving Reform for the Betterment of Society

If there’s one thing I hate (there are many things I hate), it’s shitty drivers. I’m certainly not perfect, but if I’m moving forward, I feel pretty good about my abilities. 90% of the other people on the roadways, however, have a real problem. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of shit I hate: not using your […]


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