Where Are They Now? – Charlie Horse

“This is the song that doesn’t end….” I’d continue, but it just goes on and on. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the tune, it’s essential listening from Lamb Chop’s Play-Along. The ringleader and star of the song was none other than Charlie Horse. Lamb Chop was obviously the main attraction of Lamb Chop’s Play-Along, but […]

10 TALLEST Waterslides or something or other

My children go through phases, as most children are wont to do, with just about everything: toys, books, food, pajamas, you name it. That also includes YouTube videos. Occasionally it’s wiffle ball or some NFL/NHL highlight reel. More often than not it’s some PBT NERF thing or Kingdom Wars gameplay. Lately though (like four days), […]

Upon Further Review

I wasn’t any less busy this week. Probably more so with iPhone 12 coming out, ever heard of it? But this is an entirely selfless enterprise and I do it all for you, the people. A comprehensive list of the last week’s blogs:

Packers Thoughts and Feelings – Week 7

For some reason that I’ve yet to figure out, my retail job, a profession that largely relies on weekend business to be successful, keeps scheduling me on the weekends. The Green Bay Packers, a football team that plays in a league that largely plays games on the weekends, also continue to play games on the […]

Game Recap – Ellsworth Panthers vs. Baldwin-Woodville Blackhawks

This family’s nephew/cousin plays for the Ellsworth Football Panthers. Every Friday night we stream the game from the comfort of our home because of social distancing and the fact we don’t live in Ellsworth. Also it’s comfortable. I mean it’s snowing in October people. Anyway. At some point last night, large child decided he wanted […]

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

As I performed the nightly ritual of stumbling from sleeping on the couch to sleeping in my actual bed, a chilling thought crossed my mind: how are American soap operas holding up in the world we live in today? In that fleeting moment I hadn’t even considered the pandemic. I’m sure that had an affect, […]

Time to Hit the Slopes

I’ve skied once, maybe twice, in my entire life. I’m more of a tubing kind of gent. I am very adventurous and very active in the fitness world, though, so I’m always looking for new reasons to get out and about. Fortunately targeted Facebook ads exist, and I’ve found a new way to get my […]

Where Are They Now? – Stacy’s Mom’s Daughter

*Potentially NSFW. Hard for me to say because I only work when I’m at work. It’s true that Stacy’s mom did have it going on. I can’t deny that. For all I know, she still has it going on. There’s really no way for me to know that. That young man had facts on his […]

Throwback Tuesday – Jersey Edition

It sounds like the NHL might be introducing fourth jerseys for the upcoming season, whenever that is. Teams playing in the outdoor games always get a special jersey, but this would be a true fourth jersey for every team in the league. The theme is “reverse retro,” which is essentially a remix of a throwback […]

Blue Moon and Other Types of Moons

I wrote a blog one time (yesterday), and I used the phrase “once in a blue moon.” I’ve said it. You’ve said it. We’ve all said it. But what exactly is a blue moon? I decided to learn more about blue moons and other types of moons. Before I get into blue moons and supermoons […]


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