BREAKING: The NHL Returns Tonight

Today is the day: the NHL is finally back!!! It really gets going tomorrow night at 10 PM ET / 9 PM CT, Ducks @ Golden Knights, but whatever, semantics. Hockey is back, and I have emotions. With hockey returning (in case you hadn’t heard), I thought I’d do something very timely and Power Rank […]

Cooking With Nick – White Castle Burgers

I have never been to a White Castle. I lived like two minutes from one for awhile, but I never made the trip. I have eaten about 1,000 frozen White Castle cheeseburgers, however. So when a video came across my recommendations for a homemade version, I knew I was ready for my next cooking adventure. […]

I am who I am – Facebook Quote Edition

On more than three occasions, it has been suggested to me that I must be a different person at home than I am at work. Well once upon a time the website was much different than it is now. Like, completely different. And as a part of your profile, you could put your favorite […]

Mariah’s reign as the Queen of Christmas is over

At my place of employment we have something called “Retail Radio.” It’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s the station pumping an eclectic mix of music throughout the building. The only time it really changes is when they start playing the Christmas music. I enjoy the occasional yuletide tune, so I’m OK when the December […]

Power Ranking the Seinfeld shows after Seinfeld

Full disclosure, I have only watched three of these shows (the top three), but I stand by these rankings. They are final and not up for debate. 1. Curb Your Enthusiasm I’m playing a little fast and loose with the rules that I made up and didn’t tell anybody about. It’s not from the main […]

Student Loan Forgiveness

I love election years because I get to hear all about policies and issues about which I have no real understanding. It’s refreshing that once every four years I’m not an expert in something. This year there has been a lot of talk about stimulus checks and student loan forgiveness. In case you haven’t been […]