Holy Matrimony

I haven’t written anything in 8 months, but I asked my wife this morning if I should share this anyway. She said I should, but then I had to go to hockey. I spent the rest of the day trying to maintain some level of control over my monsters with varying degrees of success. However, […]

Proven Strategies to Conquer Wordle

Wordle; the latest craze sweeping the internet Twitter. I don’t need to explain Wordle to you, because as I already explained, it’s the latest craze. But let’s do it anyway for posterity’s sake. Wordle is an online game where you need to guess a five-letter word. There’s a new word everyday. After you make your […]

Do You Have a Favorite Kid?

In case you weren’t aware, I have three children. Being the seasoned veteran that I am, I recently had someone pick my brain a bit about having kids. Did you always wants to have kids? How did you decide? Is it expensive? How do you balance everything? OK take it easy there pal. This is […]

Halloween Is Cool. Trick-Or-Treating Sucks.

The title says it all, but I’ll elaborate for you. Halloween is cool. I like it just fine. It’s not my favorite holiday (May Day), but it’s pretty sweet. For starters, if I don’t clean the cobwebs outside of my door, they just become decorations for like a month. Speaking of decorations: jack-o-lanterns. Those are […]

When Was the Last Day You Didn’t Do a Load of Laundry?

Mine was about 2+ months ago. I believe that my daughter being born 2+ months ago is a complete coincidence. But that’s a lot of laundry. Here’s what I’ve learned in my seemingly never-ending quest to keep my family’s wardrobe in tip-top shape: It never ends. These people… How many pairs of socks can you […]

Never a Doubt

What a ride. Holy shit. I’m on cloud nine right now. I can’t even talk about how god awful the refs were tonight. I can’t even talk about how miserable our defense was. OK I guess I can a little bit. The first half wasn’t even close. 17-0 but it felt like 50-0. Then the […]

Grading the Baby After One Month

I’ve been a father of three for about a month now. There were a lot of unknowns going into number three: What’s life going to be like with a third kid? Do I remember anything about babies? What vehicle are we going to buy? Daycare. When can I start buying hockey equipment? You know, the […]