Top 10 Posts of 2021, the Most Recent Year in Memory Other Than This One

2021. I’m almost positive you can’t relate, so just trust me when I say it was a challenging year. I only wrote like eight blog posts, so a “Top 10 Posts of the Year” list would normally be pretty difficult. But in 2020, maybe the best year in history, I wrote roughly 17 posts. And for some reason people continued to read some of those. Strange, I know, but here are the Top 10 (11) most read posts of last year.

Tie – 10.

We Saw a Rare Triple Play Happen This Weekend

Tie – 10.

This Post Isn’t About Me


Power Ranking the Assholes from Home Alone


Power Ranking the Winners of Top Chef


I will never buy a Toyota for as long as I live which I hope is a long time.


Grading the Baby After One Month


Holy Matrimony


Will There Be A Fourth Stimulus Check?


I’m a father with three kids


Enough is Enough, it’s Time for the Badgers and Hurricanes to Make a Change


Where Are They Now? – Massimo e Gian Piero

I have no idea why Massimo and Gian Piero attracted so many viewers. I don’t really care either. They’ve made me rich. I’m officially pivoting away from babies and shit (literal and figurative) and exclusively focusing on soccer football.

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