R-E-L-A-X. Run the Table. It’s Just One Game.

I’m still not convinced this team is any good. But you showed me something today Green Bay!!!

The man Aaron Rodgers was slinging it around tonight. He had that beautiful dime to Davante, but other than that a lot of picking his spots. Dinking and dunking. But he was firing that thing. Some skeptics thought he was out of it last week. Maybe sabotaging the season intentionally. Pish posh. Clearly the dude cared. Who really knows why he was such a hot mess last week?

But he wasn’t tonight.

Beautiful. But he wasn’t the only Aaron with 4 TDs.

It’s hard to really tell after two games, but it seems like the offense is figuring it out. And it feels so good.

The defense…

They made some plays towards the end. Eric Stokes stepped up and made his presence felt. In a good way, unlike Kevin King. It felt like Atari Bigby De’Vondre Campbell was all over the place. I feel like the Lions are a different team and are on the right track, but it’s hard not to imagine that they are still the Lions, and the defense still needs to get right.

We’ll take any win we can. Even an 18 point dub out of nowhere against the perennial losers of the division. And now Pat McAfee taking us out with a booming punt from Corey Bojorquez.

You get a lot more GIFs when we win. Go Pack Go.

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