Succession Is Officially on It’s Way Back

It’s official: Succession is coming back next month.

Succession is probably my favorite show on TV right now. Even though I hate half of the people (because of incompetence, not the narcissistic malevolence), I just can’t get enough of it. It just so happens that I’m in the middle of a rewatch because that’s what I do about once a month. And since I’m rewatching it, I’m gonna write about it. So be prepared to be inundated. Maybe. I probably will forget down the road. But not right now!!!!

Today’s subject: the corporate therapist, Dr. Alon Parfit, in “Austerlitz.”

How incompetent is this guy? I don’t mean the fact that he makes zero progress with Logan and his brood. Or how he just makes himself at home at Connor’s luxurious desert compound. No. I’m talking about the fact that not only does he decide they should all go for a swim, but he goes and takes a header at the bottom of the pool.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a picture or video or anything of this happening. So we’ll use our imaginations. Just picture this guy…

…doing something like this.

What kind of self-respecting corporate therapist dives face first into the bottom of the pool? Do you have zero body control? I feel like the pool at a multi-million dollar compound would be immune to such behavior. Research!!!

In the real world, the location at which this dude knocked his face off is Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe, NM.

Beautiful. If you’re into that sort of thing. And after doing extensive research, I’ve discovered it has a 45′ x 18′ pool, ranging from 4 to 8 feet deep. So my conclusion is this: either you’re a moron that couldn’t discern the difference in 4 feet from 8 feet, or you’re the kind of bumbling moron that would plant your face at the bottom of the pool no matter the circumstance. But yes, please help my family fix their problems.

Dr. Parfit is almost on the level of the spiritual healer from Flipping Out. A man of action with clear results. Wouldn’t you agree, Andrew?

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