So That Was Brutal, Huh?

Hey guys, I’m back with completely emotional and uninformed reactions to the Packers game. Let get into it!


I heard a lot this offseason about how great new Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry was. Great energy guy. Always bringing the energy. Maybe we should try bringing that energy to the games? Just a thought.

No sacks. No turnovers. A lot of points.

I admittedly do not like Jameis Winston. I think he is wildly overrated, so I’m definitely biased. But we made this man look like he could do no wrong. 5 TDS!!! In my defense, it can’t be that hard to throw passes to literally wide open receivers.

Za’Darius Smith did have the single worst call in the history of organized and unorganized football go against him, too.

At this point it was too little too late, but that’s just an egregious call against a defense that finally made something happen.


Trash. Just trash. I recognize that it’s hard to get things going when your defense is getting worked all day long, but the offense had zero rhythm this afternoon. Nothing worked.

Including Aaron Rodgers. It’s easy to say he was distracted this offseason. That he should’ve worried less about his input on personnel decisions and more about his play. That he should’ve showed up and put in the work. I learned in Psych class in high school that correlation does not equal causation, but one game into the season, the evidence isn’t in his favor.

Speaking of his input, how about that Randall Cobb acquisition? I’m not even sure how much he played. He didn’t get his first target until *checks notes* Jordan Love came into the game. I wasn’t watching at that point, but I was still following along.


Other than Mason Crosby nailing his field goal attempt, nothing worked. Clearly it was a weird offseason. Even without the drama, we’re coming off the COVID year and there were only three preseason games (that our starters basically didn’t play in). We still have a good head coach. We have a lot of talented individuals. We still have arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it’s going to be a long week until next Monday.

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