Patience is a Virtue

A trip to Walgreens was in the cards this morning. I needed to pick up some magic toothpaste for the youth. No problem, I’ll just go to the drive-thru. From my experience, that’s typically the route that leads to the least amount of human interaction.

I get there and there are four cars in line already. Whatever, it’s no skin off my back. I don’t know how long a pharmacy drive-thru wait is, but I didn’t have anywhere to be until 3:25. I mean, I did. I was also going to be picking up breakfast. After like 10 minutes I realized we hadn’t moved at all, and at this rate, I’m not going to get breakfast in time. So I debated with myself the value in waiting in line and the odds of missing breakfast versus leaving and getting breakfast and then getting back in line and the food getting cold. I made my decision.

Just as I was about to say eff it and leave, the car in front of me says eff it and leaves. Whoa what the hell? That was my move! This is some bullshit! Theeeeeen the car that was in front of the line finished and pulled out right behind my new found enemy and two minutes later I was talking to the pharmacist.

After that I went to the busiest McDonald’s in the world to pick up my mobile order. I must’ve seen 40 cars and countless stupid people standing outside the “DINING ROOM CLOSED” sign before one of the workers brought me someone else’s order. Luckily I have a keen eye and knew that was a “6” on the receipt and not an “8” and helped the other customer get their food. 15 more cars and few more dumb-dumbs later I got my food. And an upgraded drink for the wait.

So if you take away nothing else from this glorious Sunday, take a page out of my book and recognize the power of being patient. You too might get some toothpaste faster than you expected and a large orange juice.

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