These are the Football Games I’ll be Watching this Weekend

These are the football games I’ll be watching this weekend.


7:00 PM – Facebook
Ellsworth Panthers vs. Somerset Spartans – I have no rooting interest in this one. I’m leaning Ellsworth.


11:00 AM – Fox
Oregon Ducks @ Ohio State Buckeyes – Football.

6:00 PM – FS1
Wisconsin Badgers vs. Eastern Michigan Eagles – I was going to go to this game. But then I decided not to.

6:00 PM – ESPNU
Miami Hurricanes vs Appalachian State Mountaineers – I’ll peek in occasionally depending on how mad I get about other football games.

7:00 PM – ABC
Washington Huskies @ Michigan Wolverines – More football.


12:00 PM – Fox
Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals – I’ll check this out until the Vikings are losing.

12:00 PM – CBS
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills – I’ll check this out once the Vikings are losing.

3:25 PM – Fox
Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints – Finally it’s here. Rejoice.

7:20 PM – NBC
Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams – I hope this a dumpster fire for Chicago.


7:15 PM – ESPN
Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders – Even more football.

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