Who Has the Dorkier Laugh: Andrew Luck or Ezekiel Elliott?

I’ve long believed that Andrew Luck stood in a class of his own when it came to the sheer dorkiness of his laugh. Then I watched this season of Hard Knocks (terrible season by the way). And we now have a challenger: Ezekiel Elliott. The challengers:

Andrew Luck

Ezekiel Elliott

OK, not the greatest montages that I could’ve hoped for. But I’ve put like two minutes of effort into this blog, what do you want from me? They are both objectively dorky, it’s hard to choose a winner. How does one dethrone the king? To me it boils down to expectations.

You see this guy strolling down the street, you expect a little bit of Mr. Ed.

But Ezekiel Elliott?

I don’t expect that laugh from that man. And for that reason, Ezekiel Elliott officially has the dorkiest laugh around. At least he has a long shelf life as running back in the NFL.

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