Today In Commercials I Hate: Toyota, Why Are You This Way?

Toyota lost my business a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t judge them anymore.

I will never buy a Toyota for as long as I live which I hope is a long time.

Which brings me to this thing.

I don’t know who I hate more, the kid, or the parents. I’ll make a case for both.

The Kid

  • Sneaks out right in front of his parents. Like, literally, right in front of his parents.
  • Has friends so dumb that they can see his parents and still keep up this charade.
  • Does all of this so they can go to a food truck. Just tell your parents your going to a food truck. Plus you’ve gotta be at least in high school. I’m being generous. You’re in college. Just walk out the door and hang out with your friends.

The Parents

  • You let your kid “sneak” out right in your faces. If you don’t approve, open your mouths, use your words. He’s right there.
  • Psychotically follow their kid and his friends through the English countryside even though they clearly live in the city and also end up in the city.
  • Rolls the windows down to really lighten the mood.
  • Worried about literally nothing.
  • Raised that dumbass kid.

OK, once you put all of the evidence out there it actually becomes pretty clear. I hate Toyota.

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