Enough is Enough, it’s Time for the Badgers and Hurricanes to Make a Change

As I sat there at half time of the Hurricanes game that they are losing 27-3, and after the Badgers rolled around in the muck for three and a half hours before losing at home, it has become clear: it’s time for these schools to switch to Nike.

I now what you’re thinking: “Of course you want them to switch to Nike, you have an unhealthy obsession.” Not true. It is very healthy. Stronger than ever some might say. But I’ve come to this conclusion as an unbiased observer. I don’t have that much against Under Armour, I own several articles of their clothing. Facts are facts, though, and I only want success for my favorite teams. The evidence:

The Badgers are undefeated as a Nike school.

FACT – They have never lost a game as a Nike school.

The Badgers have never lost a game as a non-Nike school.

FALSE– They have in fact lost many, many games as a non-Nike school.

Miami has won 3 National championships as a Nike school.

FACT – Miami has won 3 National Champioships as a Nike school.

Miami has won several National Championships since leaving Nike.

FALSE – They have not won ANY National Chamipnships since leaving Nike

I mean, open and shut case here folks. Whoever is in charge at these places, do the right thing. Nay, the respectable thing, and make the necessary changes.

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