Today in Commercials I Hate

Rocket Mortgage brings us today’s gem folks.

OK, I’ll bite. How dumb is this guy?

I am incapable of understanding the stupidity this man demonstrated. Even if you actually thought there was money inside your walls, would you just take a god damn hammer to your walls? No, because you have at minimum a semi-functional brain. Here’s a live look at this guy’s brothers:

Let’s not let her off the hook so easily though. You meet a guy, and there’s just something about him that intrigues you. You go on a date, and then another. Two dates turn into five. Five turns into two months, into a year. You’re now engaged, and another year later you’re married. Within the year you’ve bought your first home. After five years, it has treated you well, but you have a dream home. You’ve worked hard, saved money, and been fiscally responsible. And your husband heard there was money in your house. SMASH SMASH SMASH. And now you just smile and nod while you apply for refinancing on your phone. A match made in heaven.

Maybe he’s just a big Arrested Development fan.


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