Fairfield Baseball Coach Misses Regional Game for a Reason

In between Women’s College World Series games yesterday, I was flipping through some college baseball games (much more boring). During a recap show, I heard a tidbit of information that absolutely stunned me. To the point I had to rewind it (I don’t like to brag but I have Hulu Live) so my wife could hear it.

I tried to find a video, but had no luck in the twos seconds of research, but I did find this:

Bill Currier, the head coach of the Fairfield University baseball team, skipped their game yesterday to go to his son’s wedding. This is without a doubt, one of the biggest clown moves I’ve ever heard of. Not by Coach Currier. I mean you pretty much have to go to your kid’s wedding, right? But what is this kid doing?

It’s Regionals, which is essentially the March Madness for college baseball. I guarantee this family’s life has revolved around baseball forever. This is the most important time of the year for Bill, and you schedule your wedding? Reasons this might’ve happened:

  1. This kid hates his dad.
  2. Significant other gives zero fucks.
  3. This kid is dumb.

Imagine Coach K skipping an NCAA Tournament game for a wedding. Or Nick Saban missing a practice much less a game for a wedding. This would never happen in hockey, but imagine Tony Granato missing a Frozen Four game for a wedding. These things would never happen, because no one would be so clueless to have a wedding during those times.

If your parent was an accountant, would you have a wedding in the middle of April? Do the elves schedule their nuptials on Christmas Eve? No, because it’s called common sense. I hope Bill got drunk.

Fairfield won their elimination game 6-2 against Southern without Coach Currier, and are currently losing to Arizona State.

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