Hockey Players Are the Toughest Athletes on the Planet

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that hockey players are tougher than other athletes. It’s just a fact so I don’t have to pretend. I mean it’s right there in the title. And tonight we got another example of that from Vincent Trocheck.

The dude can’t even skate, and even though he’s trying to get back to the bench, he’s still focused on the play. And oh yeah he’s able to dump the puck into the offensive zone. The Hurricanes still lost because the Lightning are a wagon, but someone’s gotta lose.

Before I post an 18 minute video because I can’t find a video of the second best example I could think of that you probably won’t watch, here are the first and third best examples I could think of.

And now, an 18 minute compilation video of tough guys.

No that isn’t me in the header photo. I don’t smile that much.

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