What’s the Best Song in the Cyrus Family Catalog?

One of the more challenging questions ever posed to humanity. We’ve all thought about it, now it’s time for some answers. Or just one I guess.

No features; main artist only. I did extensive research and found a handful of songs that I recognized. Onward and upward!

Billy Ray

Achy Breaky Heart – banger


The Climb – banger

Malibu – banger

Party in the USA – banger

Won’t Stop – Bangerz

Wrecking Ball – Bangerz


No bangerz from Noah. I thought we might have something with “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus,” but no, no we don’t.

Trace/Metro Station

Shake It – Shock of my life that this band featured Trace Cyrus whom I definitely knew existed before writing this. Also, banger.

With all due respect to Miley and her extensive list of Bangerz, this was all just a ruse. There was always only one answer: the man, the myth, the mullet. Billy Ray. Achy Breaky Heart. I couldn’t imagine less effort put into a music video though.

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