Shredder’s Revenge and the Return of the Turtles

I’ve pontificated once or twice about my gaming prowess in the past, but these days my gaming is pretty much limited to 2048 on my phone. I have had very little desire to buy up the latest consoles over the years; I have no need for them and I care very little about my children’s enjoyment of life. But if nothing else, I am nostalgic, and the nostalgia came flooding in today.

This game was actually announced in March, but at the time no one knew what systems it would be available on. Well now I know it’ll be out on the Switch. Guess what? I grew up on Nintendo. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The TMNT Arcade game was legendary. The best birthday party I ever had was at Chuck E. Cheese when we just dumped quarters into the machine until we beat it. Now my dad has a tabletop arcade machine in the basement and the youth of the household get to enjoy it’s majesty like I did.

In conclusion, this reimagining looks incredible. I need it. I have decided to forgo my vacation and stay with my family and buy a Nintendo Switch instead. I still know some people.

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