Planning a Vacation You Can’t Have – Avengers Campus Edition

Early last year we decided we wanted to save some money for a real live vacation. A family vacation, sure, but one where we’d still need to save some money. We had gone to Disney World the year prior (I won a trip, expenses were quite low), so Disneyland was intriguing to us. My favorite ice hockey team just so happens to play in the same city. It was kismet.

We weren’t really sure when we’d go. Scheduling was always going to be difficult. For one, it has to be during hockey season. That just so happens to coincide with a little thing called school. And youth hockey. And work. Challenging. Also there’s there’s this thing called “money” to consider. How long is it actually going to take me to save enough? How much is enough? These are questions with unknowable answers.

And then COVID hit. It actually helped with the whole saving money thing, but it brought a lot of uncertainty around the timeline. We probably never could’ve gone this year anyway, but maybe. With things being shutdown and slowly opening back up, it’s created some crazy demand (I just looked up Brewers tickets, uff da). And then, unbeknownst to me, my wife goes and gets pregnant. There’s no chance in hell I’m dragging a baby to Disney, and even less of a chance that I could afford it. So no Disney for the foreseeable future.

Wait, Avengers Campus is opening up? This year? While I’m alive? If it comes down to the baby or the Avengers, I might be looking for a new family. Sorry wife.

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