Brewers Blast Their Way Past Cardinals – How Did It Happen?

Well let’s see.

I live in the year 2021 so I stream everything. I have Hulu Live, which doesn’t carry Bally Sports (the hip new name for the regional Fox Sports channels). That means no Brewers. However, they still have the Fox Sports Go app. Win. Except I only have Spectrum for internet and not cable, so that doesn’t count as an approved provider. No Brewers. I don’t have MLB TV because if I was going to waste money on that I’d just get NHL TV. No Brewers. I do have ESPN+ which is streaming some games this year. That’s how I watch most hockey games. But fun fact, dumbass blackout rules still exist, and I live in the Milwaukee Brewers local market. So that means, you guessed it, no Brewers.

I’m sure an enterprising individual such as myself could figure out another way to watch the Crew, but you know what? I don’t even care. The Masters is on and baseball is stupid. The season’s gotta be almost over anyway.

Oh yeah. Brewers hit ding dongs and score more runs and win baseball game.

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