When is a $6 million home not worth $6 million?

My sister-in-law sent a text to me and my wife today. For once it wasn’t about her wedding. No, it was because of that house up there. More specifically, it was because of this.

Not entirely sure why she thought I’d be interested in a mansion with hockey rink on the premises, but here we are. I was also curious why she was looking at million dollar homes in Connecticut, but that’s just a thing she does. I digress.

I didn’t initially really look at it, because, “Hey, there’s a hockey rink.” And that was really the point. But what the hell, might as well take a glance. Then I stumbled on this beaut.

This bathroom… this bathroom is objectively terrible. Could you imagine paying $6 million for a house and that bathroom was in there? This bathroom wouldn’t cut it in my current $1 million home. I need a little more leg room in my bathrooms. Sure there are apparently seven other bathrooms in the estate, which may or may not include what appears to be a sauna. But unless that is the outhouse, I’m gonna have to pass until the renovations are complete.

The hockey rink is still cool.

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