Cooking With Nick – All Gas No Brakes

Large child had a hockey tournament in Rhinelander this weekend, which is where another young man played one of his first youth hockey tournaments once upon a time. Tournaments were always the best part of playing hockey as a kid, so even though this year was radically different due to COVID restrictions, it was pretty cool that my kid was playing in a tournament that I once probably placed 7th in as a child. But that’s not why we’re here right now. We’re here because I was cooking.

So what were we cookin? All of the schmucks on Highway 51 from here to Rhinelander, that’s what. To and fro. It’s not a terrible drive, but we’re talking about two and a half hours and I need to make good time. Casual estimates put the number of cars I passed at about 400. Only three made it past me, so yeah, I definitely drove faster than other people. And I only almost got pulled over once.

Overall a successful weekend. Other than the hockey and sitting in a hotel for hours and hours. But I drove real good. Also, relatively unrelated, I respect how much Rhinelander has completely embraced the hodag aesthetic in their community. It’s literally everywhere. I love it.

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