Let’s recap the only 4 Super Bowls that ever mattered

A fact that really bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses is that in the early 90’s, the Buffalo Bills made four straight Super Bowls. And lost them all. That’s almost as unlikely as being alive at the same time as Akon. I digress.

That game sucked last night, so I wanted to look at the four most important Super Bowls in the history of football: I, II, XXXI, and XLV. We’re not going to analyze them, we’re just gonna look at them. Because they’re beautiful.

Packers 35 Chiefs 10

Packers 33 Raiders 14

Packers 35 Patriots 21

Packers 31 Steelers 25

The Super Bowl XXXI logo and merch were better than anything ever. Look at this hat.

A fun tidbit that has nothing to do with anything: the only teams with as many Super Bowl losses as the Bills are the Broncos (5), Patriots (5), and Vikings (4).

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