Pepsi Halftime Show

We officially live in some pretty wild times. It’s not that difficult to look around and see some legitimately crazy shit going on around us at any given moment. It can be downright depressing at times. But let’s take a beat and try to gain some perspective.

We’re spinning on this rock called Earth at the same time as all-time hit makers. Rihanna. Pitbull. Flo Rida. Bruno Mars. T-Pain. Lady Gaga. The odds of us existing at the same time are truly minuscule. Yet here we are. And we’ve got another one hitting our TVs tonight.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know The Weeknd is the Halftime performer for the Super Bowl. He’s certainly no Akon, but Mr. Saturday and Sunday (I made that up) is a pop mainstay in his own right. The thing that truly blows my mind is that “Blinding Lights” never gets old. How? I’ve gone out of my way to listen to it maybe like 10 times, but have heard it no less than 1 million. And every single time, I’m belting out “OOOOOOOOOOhhh, I’m blinded by the lights!!!!” And I always will. Incredible song that defies all sensory logic. I love it.

So yeah anyway, fuck the Buccaneers.

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