Throwback Thursday – A Whole Lot of Spendin’ Money

I’m not a Beatles fan. I’m sure they’re lovely, however I couldn’t tell you shit about them. Oh wait, yes I can. That one Christmas song is terrible. But like once a year, there’s this song that just pops into my head.

You know how you just like certain foods better than other people (I feel like I’ve written this before)? That’s how I feel about music. Some songs just tickle your brain a little bit differently than others. That’s what “Got My Mind Set On You” does for me. Well really it’s just the chorus, but semantics. Every single time it pops into my head, I head to Google to search for it because I can never remember it. I am 100% of the time absolutely stunned when I see it’s by George Harrison. Every time. Nothing against him, I just didn’t know he had a solo career. And never remember.

Anyway, here’s a song.

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