Stop what you’re doing immediately: The Mighty Ducks – Game Changers trailer has dropped

For your viewing pleasure.

I have some thoughts. First, obviously this is remarkable and will win every award imaginable. Emilio Estevez is back as Gordon Bombay in this tour de force return to the ice. That guy from Letterkenny looks like he might be a funny dickhead. So that’s cool. The kid at the end has “star” written all over him.

Two problems. For starters, Lauren Graham. She is insufferable in the two things I know her from: Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. I love the former show, the latter I was able to see a combined 10 minutes before I scraped out my eardrums. But yeah she’s annoying. She’s wither the world’s greatest or worst actress. I can’t wait to find out.

The other is that they appear to be making the institution that is the Mighty Ducks the bad guys. Hawks, Iceland, Eden Hall Varsity. Those are the bad guys (however I do repeatedly tell my children that it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big). Not the hockey program of my youth. The very team that shaped my NHL fandom. Bollocks.

Anywho, I am officially unavailable March 26. Also I need that “Eat Sleep Quack” poster like I need air to breathe.

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