EXCLUSIVE: Footage of me courting my now wife (obviously it worked)

This is how it all started.

Rockstar shit. But obviously not exactly how I wanted it to go. On to Plan B.

The perfect cast. Works every time.

Alright you got me. That isn’t really me. I just needed an excuse to post these songs and I couldn’t think of a backstory for Powerline for my world famous “Where Are They Now?” series.

“Let It Go” has gotten a lot of shine over the last few years, but for my money “Stand Out” is the best Disney song in existence. It was probably in the Top 3 most listened to songs for me until I started writing this. Now it is firmly in the Top 2. As I sit here in a neon orange hoody, I realize this song is the basis for how I love my life. Or at least dress. I2I is an underrated certified banger as well. That’s in the Top 10.

Powerline put on an electric show. Pure entertainment. If he was real he’d without a doubt be the coolest person alive.

Makes me wish Tevin Campbell would’ve been a bigger star. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see how long it takes to move my jam to Number One.

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