Twitter isn’t real life – NFL Edition

As far as I’m concerned, twitter is good for two things: sports and funny people. Here’s a great example of both of those things coming together.

The bad part about twitter is that in the worst of times it’s a cesspool, and in the best of times it’s still pretty full of shit. This isn’t how real people are in the real world (to an extent). Case in point is this map that CBS made.

I was going to comb through the data and determine just how dumb this was, state-by-state. I quickly realized that I didn’t care that much and that was far too much work. So I’m just going to point out the most glaring forms of idiocy that I found.

Minnesota – I get it. There are probably Packer fans in Minnesota. But there is no reason on god’s green earth that the Land of 10,000 Lakes shouldn’t be orange. Or red. Or probably just blue. This is so ridiculous that I could just stop here. But I won’t. I’m a man of integrity.

Colorado – Samesies as Minnesota. But for the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is awesome, but if he was about to bash my face in twice a year for the next 20 years, I probably wouldn’t root for him.

Georgia – I have no clue what the normal rooting interests of Alabama and Mississippi are (I just assume they cheer for the SEC exclusively). Georgia, however, has this team called the Atlanta Falcons. They’re in the same division as the Bucs. That alone should eliminate them as fans of Tampa Bay. But what about this little nugget?

The man that did that to you is now a Buccaneer. This can’t be real life.

South Carolina – Another mystery to me as to who these people would normally root for. I would imagine there are a fair amount of Panther or Falcon fans though. Neither of which are the Bucs as far as I can tell.

Wyoming – There isn’t one state here that I blame for cheering for the Bills. But Wyoming should be added to the list. Josh Allen, ever heard of him Wyoming?

New England – Tom Brady was your quarterback forever. He won a bunch of championships for you. You love him. You want him to do well. Couldn’t be me.

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