Is AlaBaMa bAd FoR CoLlEge fOotBaLl?

After Alabama snuffed out THE Ohio State University for yet another National Championship, the internet and the TV talking heads had a question: Is Alabama being so great bad for college football?

Uhh, I’m gonna have to vehemently disagree. Time for a good ol’ Nick (Millis) investigation. Let’s compare the NFL and college football during Nick Saban’s run at Alabama. The first five years were still the BCS, with the remaining years being the College Football Playoff.

2009-10: Alabama, Texas

2010-11: Auburn, Oregon

2011-12: Alabama, LSU

2012-13: Alabama, Notre Dame

2013-14: Florida State, Auburn

2014-15: Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State

2015-16: Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State, Oklahoma

2016-17: Alabama, Clemson, Washington, Ohio State

2017-18: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama

2018-19: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

2019-20: LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma

2020-21: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame

Wow, what a bunch of words. Over the last 12 seasons, there have been 13 teams that could’ve won the National Champiosnhip. The breakdown is as follows:

Alabama (9), Clemson (6), Ohio State (4), Oklahoma (4), Notre Dame (3), Auburn (2), Oregon (2), LSU (2), Florida State (2), Michigan State, Washington, Georgia, Texas

Uff da, that’s a lot of Bama. Let’s look at just the College Football Playoff years. In those seven seasons, we had 11 teams:

Alabama (6), Clemson (6), Oklahoma (4), Ohio State (4), Notre Dame (2), Oregon, Florida State, Michigan State, Washington, Georgia, LSU

OK, maybe this isn’t going as I planned. But I still need to look at the NFL. To make it fair, I just used the Super Bowl for the first five years, and the Conference Championships for the rest.

2009-10: Colts, Saints

2010-11: Steelers, Packers

2011-12: Patriots, Giants

2012-13: Ravens, 49ers

2013-14: Broncos, Seahawks

2014-15: Patriots, Colts, Seahawks, Packers

2015-16: Broncos, Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals

2016-17: Patriots, Steelers, Falcons, Packers

2017-18: Patriots, Jaguars, Eagles, Vikings

2018-19: Patriots, Chiefs, Rams, Saints

2019-20: Chiefs, Titans, 49ers, Packers

2020-21: Chiefs, Bills, Packers, Buccaneers

More words. There were 21, count em, 21 teams. A list:

Patriots (6), Packers (5), Chiefs (3), Colts (2), Saints (2), Steelers (2), Seahawks (2), Broncos (2), 49ers (2), Giants, Ravens, Panthers, Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars, Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Titans, Bills, Buccaneers

For the same time period as the College Football Playoffs, there were 19 teams in the NFL:

Patriots (5), Packers (4), Chiefs (3), Colts, Seahawks, Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals, Steelers, Falcons, Jaguars, Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Titans, 49ers, Bills, Buccaneers

The word “Alabama” shows up more than a lot of the other words listed here. That doesn’t really support my belief that this is all bull shit. Or does it?

Tom Brady, that crazy son of a bitch, is out here playing for championships damn near every year. Were Tom and the Patriots bad for the NFL? They can fuck right off, but no they weren’t bad for the league. Is Aaron Rodgers bad for the NFL?

Obviously not (legend). Alabama isn’t the problem. Ohio State and Oklahoma and Notre Dame and all of these other wannabes are the problem. They get a chance damn near as much as the Tide and can’t even put up a fight. At least Clemson can take it a few rounds. Clearly it’s high time we get the Badgers involved in the Playoffs.

In summation, Go Pack Go.

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