Cooking With Nick – White Castle Burgers

I have never been to a White Castle. I lived like two minutes from one for awhile, but I never made the trip. I have eaten about 1,000 frozen White Castle cheeseburgers, however. So when a video came across my recommendations for a homemade version, I knew I was ready for my next cooking adventure.

Now you may be asking yourself, “How is this any different than just a slider?” It’s a state of mind. That’s the difference. Once I entered my happy place, it was time to gather the troops.

I felt that I didn’t really need Vermouth for my miniature cheeseburgers, but I did go ahead with the beef broth. You only live once, right? I did half of the burgers with salt and pepper, the other half with Lawry’s (if you’ve never had Lawry’s on a burger then your existence is meaningless). The minced garlic had nothing to do with this, it’s just evidence of a good husband buying shit he was asked to.

Wax paper wasn’t readily available (I didn’t know where to look) so I used a two gallon ziploc bag for the meat smashing. Pretty confident I proportioned it incorrectly because there was no chance I was poking five holes in those patties. Three was tough, but I persevered. I threw my bag of meat into the freezer for a few hours and then it was time to cook.

I don’t have some fancy griddle on my grill. I just have a regular one in my kitchen. So I used that one. The problem I had was I don’t know anything about cooking. The burgers didn’t cook quite as fast as they probably need to to nail this one. I had to flip a few of them and some of the buns got a little too “steamed.” Sometimes you just have to improvise, the sign of a true professional.

So basically I made a bunch of burgers. That’s the kind of culinary refinement you can expect around here.

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