Top 10 Posts of 2020, the Most Recent Year in Memory

So I started a blog, you may have heard. It’s been a fun ride and so on and so forth. Please enjoy this hastily put together list of the *Top 10 blogs of the year as chosen by you, the people, and the amount of times you clicked on them. Thank you for reading, and have a Happy New Year.

10. Is your job just the worst?

9. Our Long National Nightmare is Finally Over

8. Top 10 movies that are on when I fall asleep

7. Evolution of Clothing

6. How to Get Rich Quick

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5. The One Where They Built a Pergola

4. Brewers make monster roster upgrade – World Series imminent

3. Game Recap – Ellsworth Panthers vs. Baldwin-Woodville Blackhawks

2. The Honeymooners

  1. Holy Matrimony

*Latest news on the iPhone 12

*This was easily number one, but I clickbaited the shit out of it on Twitter.

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