Student Loan Forgiveness

I love election years because I get to hear all about policies and issues about which I have no real understanding. It’s refreshing that once every four years I’m not an expert in something. This year there has been a lot of talk about stimulus checks and student loan forgiveness. In case you haven’t been paying attention, beyond the obvious, I couldn’t explain any sort of details in regards to those things. But when money talks, this guy listens.

I’m not sure they ever actually explained the impact of the stimulus checks, but I got money in my bank account and I’ll worry about the ramifications later. Student loan forgiveness seems pretty straightforward, I mean it’s right in the name. But I am a former Spelling Bee champ so I have a mastery of the English language that most others lack. However, I am no expert, and there seems to be a rather large kerfuffle about whether or not some plan like that should be rolled out. As far as I am concerned… hold on one second, I have to check this email from my student loan servicer.

I officially no longer care about this issue.

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