Throwback Thursday – Country Grammar

The year was 2000. Music videos still mattered. TRL was big, but it could be so much more. Then one day, this man came across the screen.

The man that made it tight to be country. The world didn’t deserve Cornell Haynes, Jr., but we needed him. And he came out full force, ensuring the top spot on all “Top Rap Hits of the 2000’s” playlists until the end of time.

I love Nelly, but I never really thought of him as my favorite rapper. I mean he’s not, but maybe he is. His music was a staple during the brother/sister car rides to school. We’ve for sure listened to “Greed Hate Envy” more than any other people on the planet. I’ve rapped “Midwest Swing” in the bathroom more times than I can count. Back in the days when I was scouring Napster, AudioGalaxy, and mIRC, distributing burned CDs to the masses, I am very confident that I was the first person in my small hometown to hear “Hot in Herre.” Not necessarily a huge accomplishment, but I’ll hang my hat on it (I was pretty popular with my future wife’s basketball team).

And of course, there’s “Country Grammar.” If you can’t recite the words to this song verbatim, it’s impossible for me to have an adult conversation with you.

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