Packers Thoughts and Feelings – Week 12

Beating the brakes off the Chicago Bears will never get old. Touchdown after touchdown, and I just kept banging the drum. This run of dominance I’ve enjoyed for basically my entire life will end at some point, but not in the foreseeable future. Here’s some context to how great our QB situation has been for roughly 30 years.

Pretty astonishing actually. As far as the current iteration of this team, they are the highest scoring team in the NFL (technically second, but I’m hoping the Seahawks score fewer than 31 points tonight). Davante Adams is the only receiver with over 100 yards a game and is second in TDs despite missing two games. Aaron Rodgers is leading the NFL in TDs. Aaron Jones has slowed down from his monster start, but he’s still averaging just under 100 total yards a game. And the offensive line looked incredible, even with Linsley going out with an injury.

The defense also exists. They looked serviceable at times, but I literally laughed multiple times as Mitch Trubisky bounced passes to his receivers. It’s not too hard to look good against that. And they still gave up 25 points. But a defensive touchdown and two picks are something to celebrate.

I would love to see this team just go out and put their foot on the gas pedal for 60 minutes. I suppose I’ll just have to settle for 41 points against our oldest rival. Oh well. On to Philadelphia.

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