Handyman Nick – Replacing a Faucet

Since Thanksgiving isn’t really known for its food, I decided not to cook anything new this week. Luckily for me, another opportunity presented itself. Our bathroom faucet developed a slight drip. It got noticeably worse day-by-day. I looked up how to fix said drip, and ultimately I figured I might as well just replace the whole thing. So that’s what I did.

I am no plumber, so I leaned on my crutch YouTube to get an idea of what I needed to do. Just as I suspected, I could easily get this done. It’s a relatively simple job. From my experience, you’ll just want to set aside about 1-10 hours to account for any venting sessions you may require. On to the handiwork!!!

The first phase of this project requires you to remove the old faucet. Makes sense. Here’s a detailed rundown of what that looks like.

  1. turn off the water
  2. remove water lines from faucet
  3. remove faucet from sink
    • if space underneath the sink doesn’t allow for easy removal, find your nearest hammer and smash the hell out of the faucet until it falls apart and removal is possible
  4. remove the drain or whatever

Pretty standard stuff. Once you have old hardware removed, it’s time for phase two.

  1. replace the old hardware with new hardware
    • make sure all connections are tight to avoid any leaks/water spraying all over underneath the sink

And there you have it. If you follow these basic steps, you too can have a brand new bathroom faucet.

Absolutely majestic. Pretty sure that’s what rich people’s faucets look like. The wall probably not, but this isn’t about a wall. It’s about me and a faucet.

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