Bill Belichick now has a legacy problem

The New England Patriots have been terrorizing NFL teams and their fanbases for 19 years. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick teamed up to win the AFC East 17 times in that timespan, going to the Super Bowl nine times, and coming out as World Champions six times. That’s unparalleled success in the modern era. Arguably the greatest head coach, quarterback, and franchise of all time. (Arguably*).

A debate has raged on over the years regarding who is the main reason for that success: Brady or Belichick. I personally lean towards Belichick, because even if you think Brady is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers (he’s not), he’s not six times better. Bill Belichick versus Mike McCarthy is a different story.

Well Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay this season, so we get a chance to actually see their impact. I don’t think it’s as black and white as this season has played out; Tampa has absolutely loaded up on talent this year and simply have a better roster. Regardless, the Buccaneers and Brady have outclassed Belichick and the Patriots. Legacies matter in sports, and they mean even more in the National Football League.

This year, Bill Belichick’s legacy has clearly taken a bit of a hit. I’m not talking about petty rivalries, though. No. What I’m talking about is this thing.

Bro. Subway? I knew 2020 was wiggity wiggity wack, but Belichick doing Subway commercials is officially bizzaro world. I like my Bill Belichicks like I like my Specialty Sales Managers: sarcastic, grumpy, and intolerant of stupid people. Something resembling exactly these.

If that Bill Belichick is gone, then why even keep coaching? I’m sure he has no opinion on the matter.

“Look, we paid Cam Newton $1 million. I mean it’s obvious we didn’t have any money. It’s nobody’s fault,” he said. “That’s what we did the last five years. We sold out and won three Super Bowls, played in a fourth and played in a AFC championship game. This year we had less to work with. It’s not an excuse, it’s just a fact.”


Oh yeah that’s right. The Patriots murdered everyone for years. I’ll go sit in the corner now.

*Packers vs. Patriots? Packers. Rodgers vs. Brady? Rodgers. Lombardi vs. Belichick? Lombardi.

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