10 TALLEST Waterslides or something or other

My children go through phases, as most children are wont to do, with just about everything: toys, books, food, pajamas, you name it. That also includes YouTube videos. Occasionally it’s wiffle ball or some NFL/NHL highlight reel. More often than not it’s some PBT NERF thing or Kingdom Wars gameplay.

Lately though (like four days), it’s been extreme slides and pools. I’m fine with it because I’m a noted adrenaline junkie and thrillseeker. Plus every once in awhile we stumble upon some rollercoaster videos which are pretty dope sometimes.

So there we were the other day, and we find “10 TALLEST Waterslides In The World YOU WON’T BELIVE EXIST!” Well I hate to break it to you, Top5Central, but I do believe they exist. Otherwise how could you make the video? You can’t trick me. But tallest, you say? I’m intrigued.

The video is pretty much what you’d expect, but Number 8, Hurricana Sliiide, is really something to behold.

I’m sure there’s more to making a slide than “water go down tube,” but a “really famous waterslide architect” designed this thing? I don’t know guys, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that thing at Mt. Olympus. Or was it Noah’s Ark? Or every other water park I’ve ever been to? Being a really famous waterslide architect has go to be the bees knees though. What I wouldn’t give to be a really famous waterslide architect. You know what? Hold on, just a second.

waterslide designed by really famous waterslide architect

Well it was nice knowing all of you chumps. I’m off to the French countryside to design more waterslides. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to catch them all under Trending on YouTube in no time!!!

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