Game Recap – Ellsworth Panthers vs. Baldwin-Woodville Blackhawks

This family’s nephew/cousin plays for the Ellsworth Football Panthers. Every Friday night we stream the game from the comfort of our home because of social distancing and the fact we don’t live in Ellsworth. Also it’s comfortable. I mean it’s snowing in October people.

Anyway. At some point last night, large child decided he wanted to write like his dad (that’s me) and was going to do a story on the game. I definitely get my writing style from him. What follows is his recap of the game.


Ellsworth panthers score again they are totally dominating the game here folks high school football.

Will the blackhawks play better at all?

Max Grand has four touchdowns in one half. Most dominating player here.

So far Ellsworth panthers lead the blackhawks 43 to 0 3rd quarter wow!

Ellsworth punt the ball to the blackhawks fourth quarter. They could not score.



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