Where Are They Now? – Stacy’s Mom’s Daughter

*Potentially NSFW. Hard for me to say because I only work when I’m at work.

It’s true that Stacy’s mom did have it going on. I can’t deny that. For all I know, she still has it going on. There’s really no way for me to know that. That young man had facts on his side, and I can’t judge him for that. What I can judge him for, however, is his treatment of Stacy’s mom’s daughter, Stacy.

This young lady welcomed you into her home. You got to enjoy their luxurious pool and took over I’m assuming their only pool float. Stacy offered up cool, refreshing beverages and allowed you inside the house to watch music videos on their new big screen TV. She adored you. Sure she walked in on you in the bathroom, but you know what, you deserved it. And Stacy deserved better.

So what’s Stacy up to these days? Did she get over that traumatizing experience? I genuinely figured Stacy, real name Gianna Dispenza, was acting in some way, shape, or form. In reality she is an artist, but like an actual artist.

Gianna did not pursue the Hollywood lifestyle and instead chose to utilize her artistic talents in a different way. Her mediums are both paint and sculpture. It’s honestly not really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the work because there’s zero chance I could do it. This piece really spoke to me though. Not sure why.

I actually do like this thing though. It’s a good representation of me leaving anywhere other than my house.

Dispenza also has done some volunteer work with refugee children. All in all, she hasn’t let some shit heel kid ruin her life. Kudos to you, Stacy. You can check out her website and Instagram for more of her work.

I did have to pull up the music video for research purposes, so I might as well post it here.

Ok, maybe he had a point.

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